Multifunctional plugs

Multifunctional plugs, also known as universal plugs, provide secure anchoring in virtually all kinds of building materials, expanding or knotting according to the material.

  • TRI - he original universal plug. No rotation in drill hole; suitable for both pre-assembly and push-through installation

  • TRIKA – with head that protects building material and prevents plug from slipping too far into the drill hole

  • APOLLO – multifunctional frame-fixing plug for cellular concrete


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Expanding plugs

Nylon plugs in a range of models for specific building materials.

  • BARRACUDA – for ultimate security in solid building materials

  • BIZEPS – ideal for cinder blocks and aerated concrete, with a long expansion zone for reliable anchoring

  • ALTBAUJOKER – indispensible for renovation projects! Designed specifically for brittle and porous building materials and mixed masonry


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Insulating plugs

 TOX insulating plugs have screw threads that cut into insulation material, hermetically closing the plug hole. The result: extremely strong fixation and virtually no energy loss. 

  • THERMO – can be screwed directly into the material with no pre-drilling

  •        THERMO Plus – can be screwed directly into non-rendered insulation material with no pre-drilling

  •          THERMO Vario –developed specially for securing guttering to facade insulation systems, but also suitable for securing light fixtures, air conditioning units, alarms and other objects.

  •          THERMO Proof – spaced installation system for securing heavier objects to exterior insulation finishing, with stainless-steel parts and Iso Spacer for improved strength


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Fibreglass reinforced plugs for drywall use

  • SPIRAL – for single-layer drywall

  •        SPIRAL Plus – metal plug that can be screwed directly into drywall with weight-bearing capacity of up to 20kg per plug. Also suitable for double-layer drywall

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