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It all began somewhat 30 years ago with a simple but very interesting idea of a Belgian electrical installer. He realized how much time and money he could save by replacing the rigid PVC tubes he worked with by flexible, corrugated conduits that were pre-wired with installation wires or cable.
Today, electrical installations with prewired conduits are a standard working method for lots of electrical installers across Europe and Preflex is still known as the leading brand offering superior quality and the largest range in prewired flexible conduits.  Here you'll find the largest range of pre-wired flexible tubes.   


From pioneer in prewired conduits to providing the electrical installer with a complete portfolio of solutions.

Our ambition remains to facilitate the work of electrical installers and make it faster and safer. That’s why, apart from our extensive range of prewired Preflex conduits, we also offer these high quality solutions:

  • PREFLEX SAFE, the prewired conduit for fire safe installations

  • HALOVOLT, the perfect rigid tube for fireproof installations

  • POLIVOLT, rigid tubes, reinforced or not, with topspeed inner layer to facilitate pulling in cables

  • POLVALIT, rigid reinforced tube for UV resistant installations

  •   ACCESSOIRES for joining and fastening your flexible and rigid conduits

  • REDDY, high quality electrical boxes for all installation types, from airtight to soundproof and fire resistant

  • ROLL..PROFI, durable and ergonomic equipment for uncoiling Preflex conduits or cable drums

  • TOX, German quality plugs for fixation of light and heavy loads in all kinds of building materials

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We are wienerberger

Since 2017 Preflex is part of the Pipelife Group and the Wienerberger Piping Solutions segment.